Anita Sankaran – Proficient Name in the Healthcare Management

Anita Sankaran has combined important growing healthcare experience with a 10-year heritage of customized analysis to offer actionable suggestions. It is important for all healthcare service providers to work patiently for delivering quality oriented healthcare systems.

For creating this service, Anita Sankaran is offering professional operations management for healthcare industries. She is one of the specialized healthcare consultants and understands the practical pulse of the healthcare business with current trends. With emerging new medical standards, Anita Sankaran is able to derive a pure realistic approach, which will place healthcare services the top.

Anita Sankaran has worked as a manager for ECG Management Consultants, and a senior consultant for The Chartis Group. In both the firms, she completely focused on patient access, ambulatory growth, and patient care delivery strategies.

 She is expert in designing a functional operations management system for hospital owners that has improved the overall working efficiency of the operations. She is involved with an assessment method that comprehends the exact practical requirements of clients. Anita assists in getting managed strategies that help healthcare industries to make better decisions more quickly and confidently. Along with it, Anita Sankaran helps in regulating the operational functions of the department that pertain to the medical areas.

In operations management, Anita worked as Director of Ambulatory Scheduling Operations for the Clinical Practices of the University of Pennsylvania Health System. Before joining Manatt, Anita worked as an independent consultant for a start-up medical management software company. The company helped her to pay attention to strategic planning and market research, also she contributed to the development of front-end clinical functionality. Anita Sankaran is following an appropriate approach that helps healthcare firms to get concrete and high-impact results. With her proven experience and expertise in the healthcare industry, she offers sophisticated analytics to complex issues.


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