Anita Sankaran – Offering Strategic Approach to Help Healthcare Systems

Are you aware of the healthcare excellence that extends beyond clinical expertise and technology? Anita Sankaran is associated with an inclusive portfolio of experience consulting services to transform the care environment into a comfortable and motivating workspace. Having 10 years of experience Anita Sankaran has offered focused solutions to provide the best advice to health systems on best practices and operational improvement. She is involved with a holistic approach that concentrates on transforming the overall patient and staff experience across hospitals. Anita Sankaran is working as a manager in Manatt Health, which is a health care law and consulting firm. With her experience, she offers strategizes and resolve complex issues to help improve quality and efficiency of health systems.

Before joining Manatt, Anita has extensive years of work experience for a self-determining consultant for a start-up medical management software company. She was also ECG Management Consultants, and a senior consultant for The Chartis Group. She is totally involved with patient entrée, ambulatory growth and patient care strategies. She has the ability to work as a team leader where she has collaborated with patients, staff and key stakeholders for delivering consulting solutions with a people-centric approach. Anita is involved with a proven methodology that pinpoints areas where health systems can positively influence and then offer recommendations for implementation. These recommendations are prioritized into customized, meaningful environments that can enhance patient satisfaction and augment staff productivity. Anita Sankaran’s reliable and true multi-disciplinary approach is giving new shape to many health organizations.

Anita Sankaran believes in the good healthcare system by offering a professional environment that is psychologically supportive. She helps health care systems to generate an appealing and multi-sensorial surroundings. Along with these services Anita helped many health systems with the development and implementation of approaches to perk up the management and provision of healthcare.


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