HIV Infection Causes


HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is basically a viral infection that can be transmitted through many things including: sexual contact, through blood from a pregnant lady to child and during childbirth. HIV is mainly a sexually transmitted infection that damage body’s immune system. Till now there is no cure for HIV, however there are some medications that can reduce the progress of this disease. These medicines have tendency to lower down the number of deaths caused during HIV.

HIV does not pass from person to another easily. Nor it spread through air like cold and flu viruses. It mainly lives in the blood fluids. The fluids that include enough HIV to infect someone include semen, breast milk, vaginal fluids blood and lining inside the anus.

Relation of HIV with AIDS

HIV is responsible for destroying a specific type of blood cell referred as CD4 cells. It is a special type of white cell that plays a vital role in fighting diseases. Whenever CD4 cells are killed there are chances that weaken your immune system. It may take number of years to progress HIV to AIDS. It is believed that people who are infected with HIV can progress to AIDS if there CD4 count decreases to a limit of 200.  HIV mainly infects the body in case the body is infected with contaminated blood, semen and vaginal secretion. There are also some myths associated with HIV. It is important to get yourself well educated about this disease and follow the real truth behind it. Also one of the important things is that HIV doesn’t spread through ordinary contact like if you hug someone, kiss someone, or dance with the person who has HIV or AIDS.

Causes of HIV

During sexual contact: Number of possibilities that increase the chance of HIV is developed in a case a person have vaginal, or oral sex with an infected partner whose blood, semen or vaginal secretions enter your body. HIV easily enters the body through mouth sores that usually develop in the vagina during sexual contact. HIV can be caused if someone performs oral sex with a woman having HIV, mainly if she is in her menstrual phase. However, this reason for HIV cause can be considered less risky.

Role of blood transfusions: HIV can be transmitted through blood transfusions. In many countries blood banks are screening the supply of blood for HIV antibodies, thus reducing the risk of HIV.

Needle sharing: Needles that contaminated with infected blood are one of the causes of HIV. Sharing infected needles put a person at a high risk of HIV and also to some other infectious diseases, such as hepatitis. People who are using intravenous drugs generally share the syringes and needles and thus they are exposed to droplets of other people’s blood.

During pregnancy:  An infected pregnant woman can infect her baby with HIV. However, there are some possible drugs that taken during pregnancy can lowers the risk to their babies.

Unprotected sex: Men having sexual contact without using a polyurethane condom every time are at high risk of HIV.  It is considered that anal sex is more risky than the vaginal sex. The risk of HIV also increases to some level if a person is involved in several sexual partners. Sexual transmitted infections generate open sores on the genital, and these sores are acting an entrance ways for HIV to enter in the body.

Initially United Sates was the first that surfaced HIV and it was believed that it mainly affect the men who had sex with men. But, recent studies have cleared it that HIV can be transmitted through heterosexual sex as well. It can be affect any age, race, sex or sexual orientation.


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