Holistic Treatments for HIV

People living with HIV are treated with anti-retroviral therapies that can help to improve the immune system. However, this treatment did not cure HIV and may have its own side effects. That’s why infected HIV people are trying other alternatives that can help them in treating HIV. Alternative medicines offer many types of therapy and main aim of these therapies are to reinforce immune system, offer relief symptoms and enhance the quality of life.

Alternative medication for HIV

Rather than anti-retroviral therapies infected HIV people are adapting medicine that offers healing holistic approaches. These approaches connect mental, physical and emotional feelings of the person. Homeopathic medicine is one of the holistic approaches that can be used for the treatment of HIV. This treatment includes natural substances like minerals, vitamins and herbs that are beneficial to strengthen the immune system. According to studies it is believed that these substances can treat HIV, when given in small doses.

Another holistic approach is naturopathic medicines. These medicines are natural healing forces within the body that heal the diseases and you stay healthier.

Ayurveda is another example of the alternative medication used for HIV. It focuses the use of the mind and body to prevent from diseases. Like as ayurveda there are some physical therapies that emphasize on the body to enhance the healing and sense of well-being.

Yoga can also be used for alternative medication for HIV. It is an ancient system of breathing, postures and mediation. Along with yoga you can try massaging therapy that includes rubbing body tissues for reducing the pain and enhance the blood flow.

Acupuncture is another alternative that needs the insertion of tiny needles into certain areas of the body. You can used to augment energy, decrease fatigue, decrease nerve pain. People may also choose Chiropractic, which is a system of manipulation and treatment of body structures, especially the spine.

Mind body therapies are also used to treat certain diseases. These therapies use mind to assist to reduce pain, stress, and other side effects. Along with these therapies meditation also helps quiet and focuses the mind and body. It often involves deep breathing. Also, you may try visualization that uses the imagination to help you picture being in a safe, relaxing place.

Other options like inspirational audiotapes are also used for relaxing mind and body. You may also try biologically based therapies that use substances found in nature to make the body healthier.

Herbal therapies are also the good option. They come from plants and may work much like standard drugs.  Along with it dietary supplements should also be included in the diet. Like eat foods that contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, or enzymes. These may be used for a diversity of reasons, such as increasing your immune system.

Energy therapies are used that help in improving your overall health. For example Biofield therapies are best. They offer pressure or manipulate the body. It is believed that energy filed surround and penetrate the human body. These fields improve energy flow and your health. Reiki and qi gong are two examples.

Bioelectromagnetic therapies are also used for better immune system. They make use magnetic or pulsed fields to rebalance energy.

However, it is important to take some precautions when trying something new. The field of alternative medicine is not regulated and some doctors may discourage you because of the lack of evidence about effectiveness.

Millions of people are living with HIV that badly damage to their immune system, which leaves vulnerable to disease that may result into AIDS. For the treatment procedure nutritional therapy can be used to treat HIV. It is a new research that has shown many effective solutions in delaying HIV progression without the use of drugs.


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